Build a Life You Really Freaking Love!

Get the Mindset Shift and Spark You Need to Move Forward

Your Dreams Shouldn’t Feel Overwhelming

So many women have business ideas and passions they want to pursue.
But I know taking that frst step can feel overwhelming if you:


Keep running into roadblocks and just feel stuck.


Want to be taken seriously, but feel embarrassed to really go for it.


Feel confused with so. many. options (hello, analysis paralysis!)


Fear failure and can’t stop wondering
if this thing will ever work.

it’s time to

get out of your own way

Let’s make a game plan together…
So you can SHOW UP and DO. THE. DAMN. THING!

Girl, I know following that vision on your heart can be scary.

Back when I started my first side business while working my full time corporate job, I had NO idea what I was doing.

(And honestly….even now, after earning multiple 7-figures in the online space, I know we are all just figuring it out as we go, aren’t we?!)

But truly, I’m OBSESSED with the process of us getting to do life and business TOGETHER.

So girlfriend, I want YOU to come on this journey with me!

As your hype girl cheerleader/bestie, I’m pulling back the curtain and sharing EVERYTHING I’m learning in business, relationships, health, and more…so you feel INSPIRED about what’s POSSIBLE!

Plus, you’ll get real, no-fluff advice you need to CONQUER limiting beliefs, get CLEAR on your next steps and FOLLOW THROUGH on what you KNOW you’re capable of!

Life is a wild ride. But we’re in this together, girl! Take my hand and let’s figure it out…so you can build a life you really freaking LOVE!

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What People Are Saying

I’m SO grateful for Kacia because I’ve lived on the sidelines my entire life, but she encouraged me to jump into what I want with two feet! It’s because of her encouragement and guidance that I’ve launched a podcast, written a book, and launched a business to help women writers and creatives. I’ve grown so much and in so many ways since knowing her!

Megan H.

Kacia is an amazing mentor, because she meets you where you’re at and helps you create a vision of where you want to go with tangible steps. She always took into account when people had big life changes (like me having babies) but helped me prioritize things and focus on creating a strong foundation. Focusing on the little wins helped me gain confidence in who I am and what I have to offer with the different hats I wear.

Meggie H.

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let’s work together

Move Your Passion into Purpose.

Girl, if a vision is placed on your heart…that’s a GIFT to YOU.
Your gift to the WORLD is to be brave enough to chase it!
Take my hand and I’ll show you how…

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