We’re doing the Damn Thing!

Our first in person EmpowerHER Listener event!

Picture this…

It’s you and HUNDREDS of other ambitious women LIKE you…..

Women from all across the country coming together to CONNECT, LEARN & be INSPIRED to take ACTION….

But do it, TOGETHER.

This event is for you if:


If you have a dream on your heart and just KNOW you are meant to do big things, but are feeling stuck or confused on how to move forward.


If you wish you had a community of supportive women who you could share ideas with, women that just really get it and YOU.


If you want a deeper connection and understanding of YOURSELF, and really how to get to the next level in your life, career, business or relationships.


If you feel like you need a mental reset, a confidence booster and a fire under your BOOTAY to take action to build a life you’re OBSESSED with.



Friday Evening (October 21st), Saturday (October 22nd) & Sunday (October 23rd)

Mark your calendars!



Hyatt Regency Downtown Phoenix

122 N 2nd St. Phoenix, AZ 85004

THE COUNTDOWN IS ON! Are your calendars marked?!








Meet your host, Kacia!

You might know me as the host of the EmpowerHER podcast…..but really?

I’m a woman, a lot like you….

Someone who KNOWS she’s meant to do big things in the world, leave her mark and really show up unapologetically to make her one shot on this planet, really freaking COUNT.

But sometimes it’s hard.
Like ugly cry on your bathroom floor; the kind where your snot and mascara get in your mouth kind of hard.

But you know what makes it easier?


So let’s pull back the curtain together.

Let’s have a weekend of HONEST, RAW conversations, and CONNECTION.

Take my hand and come with me… let me help introduce to you an incredible community of women who just get it, and GET you… and want to be in this WITH you.

TOGETHER we will get out of our own way

The time is now Girlfriend…. let’s DO the damn thing!


Kicks off at 5PM with Live Podcast recording followed by welcome reception. Come enjoy Spicy Margs with your soon to be besties

AM Workout, jam packed speakers, panels, and connection opportunities 

Saturday Night
Exclusive VIP night on our private rooftop terrace

Half day of speakers and panels, day ends at 2PM

*Full itinerary to come* 

the speakers

Kacia Ghetmiri

You might know me as: The host of EmpowerHER Podcast and the creator of THIS EVENT! 🙂

But what I really am: Is a LIFE enthusiast, obsessed with pulling back the curtain and creating a COME with me rather than a “LOOK AT ME” type of community…I’m just like you in that I believe there’s MORE for me, I deeply care about the impact I make in this world with my one shot here. Oh & I like to hype you up, laugh so hard I pee…. & really get down with a good spicy marg 😉

Trent Shelton

How you might know him: Founder of Rehab Time, Best Selling Author, Host of, “Straight Up” podcast & keynote speaker who has touched millions with his words on self-worth, self-love, and recognizing your greatness.

How I think of him: One of the most PROFOUND speakers I’ve ever heard. He moves audiences of THOUSANDS in a way like no speaker I’ve ever seen, and is also one of the most humble, gracious and kind humans that I deeply admire.


Lori Harder

How you might know her: Founder of Lite Pink, Investor, Host of the “Earn Your Happy” podcast (w/over 37 Million+ Downloads) & best selling author of, “A Tribe Called Bliss”.

How I think of her: A true GENUINE advocate for women & inspiration of mine, who’s paved the way for women in the podcasting, business, and investing space. She’s also really freaking funny.


Chris Harder

How you might know him: Host of “The Chris Harder Show”, investor, business mentor & philanthropist who believes that when GOOD people make GOOD money they can do GREAT things.

How I think of him: He’s like human rocket fuel, a BIG picture thinker & expander who builds belief in humans to chase their BIG dreams. He also CHANGED the game for me for my money mindset.


Angie Lee

How you might know her:  Host of top rated podcast, “The Angie Lee show”, co-founder of “Soul CBD”, host of “Pays to Be Brave”, comedian & wellness enthusiast.

How I think of her: As my spunky, weirdo Enneagram 7 bestie, that is guaranteed to make me pee my pants laughing & welcome my squirrely brain with an aggressive hug.


Amber Lilyestrom

How you might know her: A transformational branding strategist and business coach, best selling author and host of the top rated, “Amber Lilyestrom Show” podcast.

How I think of her: One of the most PRESENT and grounded humans I know. My mom inspiration and someone who sees your deep potential and wants to remind you you’re capable in moments of doubt.


Aisha Marshall

How you might know her: Recognized on Forbes 30 under 30 and Creative & Cultivate for her digital consulting agency, who’s now pivoted into launching her jewelry line “Whxte”.

How I think of her: As a true champion for women, on a mission to inspire on a whole new level by peeling back the layers of what “success” looks like to move people with her story in an impactful way.


Tracy O'Malley

How you might know her: An Enneagram expert, Top Leadership & Development Trainer, Master Performance & Business coach and host of, “The Leadership Formula” podcast.

How I think of her: As a BIG sister; one of my first calls if I feel overwhelmed, scared or unsure of myself because her UNMATCHED ability to make people feel seen, heard and understood on a deep level. Nobody GETS people like Tracy does.


Looking for a payment plan option?

Click below to access a GA ticket that is broken up into 2 payments! 

frequently asked questions

FAQ around travel? (Airports, shuttles, etc)

The event is held at:

Hyatt Regency Phoenix
122 N 2nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

You will NOT need a car for this event as EVERYTHING will be ON SITE at The Hyatt Regency (this is also why we STRONGLY encourage you stay ON SITE utilizing our DISCOUNTED hotel block).

We will NOT be providing shuttles for this event, although it’s only a 10 minute or less Uber ride from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

Also- be sure to check out our EmpowerHER Live event Facebook group, to connect with potential travel buddies!

Is this event only for podcasters or business owners?

empowerHER Live is for our podcast community; meaning LISTENERS of empowerHER. For women that want to level up in their career, relationships, business, health… and really just get more connected to ambitious women! This event is NOT designed specifically for podcasters or business owners but instead for ALL women who love personal growth & connection!

Is lunch/dinner provided?

We will have small bites at both the Welcome Party (for all attendees) as well as for our VIP party on Saturday and provide built in breaks and lunch/dinner recommendations for you to have an opportunity to connect with new friends you’ll make here!

Will merch be available?

Exclusive empowerHER merch WILL be available at the event to purchase (w/a fun discount) and we will be able to ship directly to your house!

What does the schedule/agenda look like?

See outline above of the itinerary although expect a more updated schedule to be sent out prior to event!

Is there a room block?

Yes there is a room block and we HIGHLY recommend that you stay at the hotel. We are wanting to provide a TON of value for you at empowerHER Live, so our schedule is JAM packed.

We would hate for you to miss out on something from staying offsite!  So be sure to check our empowerHER Live Facebook community, if you are looking for a roomie, or even travel body and see the the EPIC DISCOUNTED room rate here:


Can I bring my kids?

Our intention with this event is to create a high vibe, engaged community of women together, & while we love your children we don’t want to distract or take away from yours, or others experiences.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

Feel free to text us at 512-548-2728 or email Jacki: jacki@kaciaghetmiri.com

What should I wear / what should I bring?

We will have a live group workout on Saturday AM for anyone that wants to attend. For that you will want to bring active wear but for the rest of the event feel free to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable! A packing list will be posted in our empowerHER Live event Facebook group prior to the event!

What do I need to be prepared for?

A transformational weekend & a bunch of EPIC new friendships! Truly, our intention with empowerHER Live is for you to leave feeling truly INSPIRED but also CONNECTED to yourself and women that can help support getting you where you want to go in your life, career, relationships or business! Of course— get ready to have some freaking FUN too, cuz DUH 😉

Are refunds available?

Tickets for empowerHER Live are NOT refundable or transferrable.

Are group ticket rates available?

We do not specifically have GROUP rates at this time but if you are interested please reach out to Jacki@kaciaghetmiri.com and we can see if we could be able to accomadate.

What is the difference between the General Admission Ticket & VIP tickets?

Both tickets will give you access to the Live Podcast, welcome night reception, all speakers on Saturday & Sunday, as well as a swag bag.

Although for VIP tickets, you will receive priority seating, access to the VIP lounge, a PREMIUM VIP swag bag, admission to the VIP only night on Saturday as well as more opportunities to connect with Kac & the speakers at the event!

Will there be a virtual ticket option?

At this time, we will not be providing a virtual option for empowerHER live.

Are you requiring Covid vaccinations or negative COVID tests?

By attending the EmpowerHER Live 2022 event in person on October 21-23rd, you acknowledge that you are aware of COVID-19.

Furthermore, by attending the event you are self-certifying that the following are TRUE within the 10 days prior to the dates of this event:

•You have not had any symptoms <https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/symptoms-testing/symptoms.html> associated with COVID-19  
•You have not been diagnosed with COVID-19 
•You have not had direct contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19.

We are not requiring masks or proof of vaccination; although we encourage you to do whatever makes you feel comfortable!

If you have any concerns feel free to reach out to Jacki: jacki@kaciaghetmiri.com